MEtadIscourse across Genres: 
MappIng InteractIon In spoken & WrItten dIscourses

Special Issue on Metadiscourse
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We are pleased to announce that 2nd Metadiscourse Across Genres Conference (MAG2019) will be hosted by CERLIS, the research centre on specialized discourse operating at the University of Bergamo, between 27-29 June 2019 with the participation of Annelie Adel (Dalarna University, Sweden), Maria Kuteeva (Stockholm University, Sweden)Anna Mauranen (University of Helsinki, Finland), Carmen Sancho Guinda (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)

This international conference aims to disseminate current research work on Metadiscourse and related areas in line with various qualitative and quantitative approaches with special focuses on Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, Genre Analysis.