We are once again pleased to announce that 3rd Metadiscourse Across Genres Conference (MAG2021) will be held at Universitat Jaume I de Castelló (Spain) between 27-28 May 2021 with the participation of key figures in the field as plenary speakers and participants. The conference aims to bring together scholars, researchers and professionals from different disciplinary backgrounds, especially those interested language (academic & non-academic) and communication research in both traditional and digital genres, L2 teaching and related areas.​

The following PLENARY SPEAKERS have been confirmed:

●      Prof. John Flowerdew (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)
●      Prof. Rosa Lorés Sanz (University of Zaragoza, Spain)

●      Prof. Paul Thompson (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)

MAG2021 organizing committee invites contributions related but not limited to the following specific topics:

1.     Tools for analysing Metadiscourse
2.     Intra/Inter/Cross-Cultural Metadiscourse in (digital) academic texts
3.     Intra/Inter/Cross-Cultural Metadiscourse in (digital) non-academic texts
4.     Recent Theories and perspectives about Metadiscourse
5.     Cross-disciplinary and cross genre Metadiscourse analysis of spoken and written discourses
6.      Other (please specify)
Note: Papers related to other areas of Metadiscourse will also be considered. 

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MAG2021 Organizing committee
Bellés-Fortuño, Begoña (Chair of MAG 2021)
Bellés-Calvera, Lucía (Co-Chair of MAG 2021)
D’Angelo, Larissa (Chair of MAG 2019)
Akbas, Erdem (Co-chair of MAG 2017)
Hatipoğlu, Çiler (Co-chair of MAG 2017)
Martínez-Hernández, Ana-Isabel
Navarro i Ferrando, Ignasi
Girón García, Carolina
Bort-Mir, Lorena

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Keynote Speakers-MAG2021

MEtadIscourse across Genres: 
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