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Metadiscourse in Digital Communication:

What has changed?

University of Bergamo, Italy 
(27-29 June 2019)

An International Conference hosted by CERLIS

Call for papers

 The advent of digital and social media has deeply transformed academic and non-academic communication practices in the past two decades. Along with the linguistic practices in which people engage and the nature of the social networks they construct, there is a strong and growing interest in how people create meaning not just through language, but through a range of digital resources. In fact, the communicative immediacy of digital media and the spectrum of genres/hybridized forms now available has inevitably influenced the way we communicate and the way we create meaning-making in a multimodal environment. Underpinning this innovative work is current research work on Metadiscourse and the development of new research methodologies, including visual research methods and combinations of qualitative and quantitative approaches with special focuses on Discourse Analysis, Corpus Linguistics, and Genre Analysis. Given the growing interest in digital language research, this international conference thus investigates the change that digital communication has meant to communication environments - and what research methods and approaches are needed to capture that change.

Plenary lectures will be delivered by the following keynote speakers:

- Annelie Adel (Dalarna University, Sweden)
- Maria Kuteeva (Stockholm University, Sweden)
- Anna Mauranen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
- Carmen Sancho Guinda (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)

Abstracts and presentations should reflect at least one of the following conference themes: 

  • Metadiscourse analysis of digital academic and non-academic interpersonal interactions
  • New approaches, research methods to Metadiscourse digital language research across genres, disciplines and languages.
  • Metadiscourse and multimedia / multimodal communication
  • Synchronic / Diachronic perspectives on Metadiscourse in Digital Communication


The deadline for submissions is 10th January 2019. Please send your abstract (300 words) to as an RTF attachment. To this end, a dedicated form is provided here attached. Acceptance will be notified by 31st January 2019.

Download the submission form here.

A selection of conference papers will be published in a volume and/or journal issue. Finalized versions of papers submitted for publication in the proceedings should be emailed to by 15 October 2019 at the latest. The upper limit is 7,000 words (10,000 for plenary papers), including references, footnotes, tables, etc. For formatting guidelines, please follow the stylesheet

 Download the Stylesheet here.


Registration can be effected between 01.01.2019 and 01.06.2019.

The fee includes a welcome evening reception, and tea / coffee breaks.

MAG2021 Socializing Platform